The beautiful French marble cafe table that was almost mine

Yesterday was a sad day.  I almost got a fantastic large round white marble cafe table with a beautiful ornate metal base. For $25.00 (on craigslist of course).  It was in bad shape – the top definitely needed to be sanded and polished and the base needed a lot of work getting the finish off, smoothing it out and repainting it an amazing glossy black.

When I was done with it, it would look something like this:

I wish I had saved the photo from the listing, but when I realized it was gone, I was so mad I just closed the tab.  Believe me though – it was a far cry from that beauty pictured above.  It needed a lot of work. But for $25? For a marble table? Who cares!

The reason I lost it was because my brother, Pete, didn’t see the value in taking on another project when we have so many others in the works. Okay, fine, Mister Practicality.  Point taken.  (Didn’t stop me from emailing them, repeatedly) I guess I figured I would find a way to explain its appearance after I secured its possession and hugged it for hours.

It wasn’t meant to be, I suppose, as they didn’t respond even one of my three emails and soon after its listing popped up, it was soon taken down.  Even still – I’ve been dreaming of how wonderful it would have been pair with some Tolix chairs.

I love those chairs – they just ooze French

Paired with my refinished marble table, it would feel something more like this:

Because I’m always on a budget, I would probably get the Tolix inspired (knock off is such an ugly word, isn’t it?) option from Overstock.

Not sure if I would have gone with the black or metal versions – but both are under $200 for a set of four.  Which is less than the cost of one Tolix from Pottery Barn.

Maybe another $25 marble table will come my way some day… If so – I’ll be ready