SURPRISE! We bought and installed a ceiling fan!

Remember when I went on and on about the ceiling fan I wanted?  It was this number from Home Depot and sold for $279 but I was confident I could get it on sale closer to $99.

Well I watched for a sale. Memorial Day rolled by: nothing. Then Fourth of July: still nothing.  Every time we went into a Home Depot I looked to see if they had it in store: nope.

So I finally decided that it was time to move on.  Spending close to $300 on a fan that will be mine for less than a year (since we’re putting the house up for rent next May) is pure insanity.  Lest you forget, here’s what the original fan looked like:

(Note: this is the actual fan – the image in my initial fan post was just one that looked like it.  See how they didn’t paint around the ceiling fan when they painted the ceiling? Classy.)

Bryan helped me look for a budget option that still met some basic requirements: had a globe light without a nipple (don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean!), was stainless or otherwise silver in tone, could operate the fan and light independently of one another.

So when Bryan stumbled upon this guy for a little over a hundred bucks, we pressed go immediately.  Its called the Supra 44 by Minka Aire (funny enough, Minka Aire also makes the original of the knock off fan I wanted to get from Home Depot).  We purchased it off ebay but Amazon has it for slightly more than what we paid.

Our fan arrived almost two weeks ago now – but two weekends ago, we were swamped with prepping and recovering from the wedding of my two great friends from college, Jess and Andrew.  Didn’t Jess look insanely beautiful?

But back to the fan.  So this past Saturday, we woke up determined to make it happen.  First thing first – we had to get rid of the old nasty one.

We started by turning off the power to the fan by flipping the circuit in the breaker box.  Then we just started removing piece by piece: lightbulbs, then globes, then fan blades, then the motor.

After this step – we had to disconnect the wiring and prep for the installation of the new fan.

Then we installed the motor for our new fan after wiring it to the ceiling.  We also slipped in a classy little ceiling medallion.  Like that, didn’t you.

Actually getting this step done took a long time bc A) we didn’t have electrical tape and had to go to Home Depot to get some; and B) the thing from which the whole fan hung, embarrassingly forgetting the actual term, was recessed into the ceiling a good half inch and so the screws that came with the kit didn’t reach aaaaand we had to go to Home Depot again to get new ones; and C) the instructions were terrible.

After a full morning of hard work, it was finally in – and it worked too! There are somethings that obviously need some attention (ie: those creepy wood pulls) and the ceiling will eventually be painted bright white, instead of the horrible tan beige thing going on up there right now, but that will wait until we do some bigger more structural projects around this area.

So that’s it! Its great! I looks good enough and I can have the fan on the highest setting and barely hear it AND I can have the fan on without the lights on! Which is great, because I’m home sick today with the nastiest stomach bug in the universe. Lights off. Fan on. Thank you and good night.