Lining the Drawers – Updates!

Our weekend didn’t go totally according to plan.  Saturday, my wonderful father came over to help Pete clean out the gutters around the whole house in an attempt to resolve a water disaster (more on this later, I’m sure).  I spent much of the day making sure Mira, our dog, didn’t run away.

I did, however, look up the hours of Joy Cards studio in Princeton, to see how late I could swing by the shop to pick up the paper for my project. Unfortunately, I discovered, that they really aren’t a store, in the traditional sense.  You have to make an appointment to meet with them.  They are also more of a real studio where you get custom paper projects designed rather than a store where you pick something off the shelf.


Luckily, I discovered that there is also a Paper Source right in down town Princeton! Open late on Saturday and most of the afternoon on Sunday!

I made the trip out on Sunday afternoon, after a quick trip to Home Depot with Bryan to get supplies for another project (deets to follow!).  I was greeted by row upon row of amazing paper:

When I was at Home Depot, I grabbed replacement paint swatches for the colors I had selected for the armoires.  (I like to keep these on hand so I can reference the colors on the go!) I pulled them out and went to work finding something that would match.

This was my favorite but there were only two sheets on the rack. I kept looking and found this option which was still pretty good.

Unfortunately, this one only had a few sheets as well.  I was going to need 10.  There were none that really seemed like they would work really well in coordination together, so I went to find a sales person to ask if they had more stock available somewhere.

Nope, sorry” I could order some if I wanted, though.

I thought about it quickly and decided if I had to order something, I’d try to order that Smock paper I found on Pinterest last week.

First thing I did was email Joy Cards Studio to see if they had any in stock and if so, if I could schedule a time to come by to pick it up.  Joy got back to me quickly and said she didn’t stock the paper, only their invites, but I could order online directly from Smock.

While I was waiting for her reply, I also found that Smock sells their papers on Etsy.  But again. They only had 1 set in stock.  So I sent them an Etsy convo and hoped they could add more inventory.

When Joy got back to me I checked out their website more closely – and there it was, a simple “Add to Cart” button.  So I put the necessary amount of paper in my cart and checked out!

The paper should arrive sometime this week.  Cannot wait to finish this stage of the armoire makeover project (started here, here and here).  Next up – I have to order new hardware (as discussed here).