Lined Drawers – how fancy!

I’ll still undecided about hardware for the armoires – although, we may be leaning away from the ones discussed here towards and option with a little more bling. Too difficult a decision…..

moving on.

I really want to line the inside of the drawers with some really beautiful paper in a great pattern.  I did some googling and it looks like there is a specialty paper store in Princeton, called Joy Cards.  I’m going to hit them up tomorrow to see if they have something magical to help wrap this project up.

In the meantime, I surfed Pinterest for some inspiration.

I also found this amazing paper by Smock on Pintrest as well.

After thinking about it for a while, I’m pretty sure my dear friend Liz Demos actually sold this paper at her adorable shop called @Home Vintage General in Savannah, Ga while I worked there before it closed.

Lucky me! It looks like Joy Cards stocks Smock papers… fingers crossed they have this pattern.

I’ll be back for more details about how I go about lining the drawers when I get the supplies.