I’m addicted to Craigslist.

Its true.  And its a serious problem.  I have Craigslist open in a tab, sometimes, multiple tabs (gotta monitor craigslist.org/fuo in as many as 6 local subsites [Central Jersey, North Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia and sometimes Jersey Shore and South Jersey]).  I know I don’t have room for any more furniture right now. I know that I don’t. Buuuutttttt…….


Case in point:

This beaut just showed up.  Its a fantastic mahogany china cabinet that needs a lot of work but it is crazy cheap at only $150.  I instantly envisioned it looking like a multi-thousand dollar Restoration Hardware piece like one of these:

Salvaged Wood Vintner’s Hutch $1495

French Casement Sideboard & Hutch $1795 – $2195

Apothecary Display Cabinet $2995 Special $2495

So now what do I do?  I can save this gorgeous piece of furniture and make it amazing. I could probably flip it if I wanted to.  But I have little room to do these projects and I have a lot of school work and side projects and we’re supposed to maybe actually renovate this house at some point.

I should probably just let this go …. but lets email them to see if its still available, eh?