House Tour


When we moved in, the very few kitchen cabinets that existed were badly painted, there was no dishwasher, and all the appliances needed to be replaced. We refinished the existing cabinets, adding DIY antique mirrored glass to the uppers and added new IKEA cabinets to match, more than doubling the storage and counter space. We added a dishwasher and replaced all the appliances. The paper tile ceiling was replaced with drywall and functioning lights were added throughout the space.

Dining Room

Aside from repairing some bad water damage to the coffered ceiling and sanding down 100s of feet of millwork, this room really just needed paint and good furniture.

Living Room

This room suffered from some tragic paint colors including band-aid colored walls, and a purple fireplace with a craft-paint gold colored mantle. We’re still saving up for better furniture for this room but our sofa from our condo pair with some DIY-reupholstered armchairs have a huge improvement in the space. Our newest design challenge: contending with the mountains of toys our daughter keeps amassing!


Our Maplewood room is narrow, but we still managed to fit in a 3 + 2 sectional to make it a cozy television room! The light in this room is magical and it has managed to keep my tiny IKEA fiddle leaf tree alive and grow it into a SIX FOOT tree in just 3 years!

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom had failing plaster, bad lighting, weird soffits, and no style. This is probably my biggest transformation ever – we redrywalled the whole room, added tons of lighting, beautiful molding and incredible wallpaper. We are still working on refinishing all the doors and saving to purchase new dressers, but now this is the most restorative bedroom I have ever slept in!


Our nursery is a super tiny room that is now completely beautiful. It makes me cry sometimes just thinking about how beautiful this room is.