Hardware Possibilities?

Right now I wish I was one of those super popular blogs with lots of readers so I could throw this out to all of my readers and get their amazing insight to help me make a decision.  Unfortunately, Bryan is the only one reading right now.

I’ll pretend I have lots of readers.

Dear Readers,

Please help me pick out some fantastic hardware for my armoires that I’m in the process of making over (here, here and here – so far).  I’m leaning toward these choices from Anthropologie:

I’ve used the Ripe Mellon drop pulls before on a small cabinet I refinished for my Savannah bathroom.  I absolutely loved them – so classy and sophisticated!

(This shot doesn’t look like much, but really this bathroom was quiet lovely – especially for a rental)

But I got off topic.

Hardware. Drop pulls. Right.

I first fell in love with drop pulls when I was on one of my weekly trips through Ikea in 2009 before moving to Savannah and immediately fell in love at first sight with their new Edland series.  Those graceful little white teardrops against that perfect dark grey? You had me at hello.

As an aside, I actually used the Edland Linen closet as my media cabinet.  Its perfect for our modestly sized 26″ television and it looks like just about the classiest non-vintage media storage I’ve ever seen.

(You can sneak a peak of it here)

Right. I know. Back to the hardware.

Short of it is, I love me some drop pulls.  Do you think this is the right for these armoires? Dear readers please weigh in.  I’m awaiting with breath abated.