Craigslist Armoire Makeover: Part 1

Our first furniture project since moving to NJ from Savannah is finally here! I have to say, I was starting to get twitches from the withdraw.  I have been stalking craigslist, even though I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do any projects until we were settled in the house, since arriving in NJ in late January.  (Admittedly, I did buy a pair of chairs that I hoped to upholster in my stash of KW Imperial Trellis Midnight, but we really don’t have the room for them here, so I think I’ll just flip those back to craigslist).

As an aside, I know it would have made a lot more sense to lead with a house tour of the current state of the house, or even better yet the house in its empty state.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any of the house empty (insanely stupid, I know), but I can blame that on needing to empty our storage container asap so we didn’t get charged another month and not having a camera at the house the day that all went down.

But back to the armoires.

Here is the image of them that I saved from the original craiglist ad.  Listed for $200 for the pair, and thats what I paid for them.

The couple from whom I purchased the set were extremely nice and very helpful.  I was unable to come get them for almost a full week as I was in the process of finishing two of my graduate school classes and they were nice enough to hold them for me.  As such, I didn’t feel it was fair to then try to haggle down the price, especially since they were already a steal.

We took some better pictures to illustrate the details:

What really sold me on these pieces were all the great details:

Not to mention the amazing amount of storage each one of these possess (so glad we have two of these for double the storage!)

A week or so later, we were able to start on the project of refinishing them.  (We were delayed because we were in the process of building a fence for the back yard, details to come).  I was unsure about the colors to use on these pieces because the color scheme of my bedroom wasn’t entirely set by me.  The color of the walls when we moved in wasn’t horrible so I decided to keep it as is since we’re planning on possibly doing pretty major renovations to the house.  The room is also smallish (12’x13′) and has two doors and two closet doors which make it feel kind of cramped.

I chose a grey shade for the exterior that was just slightly darker in value than the wall color and that coordinated nicely with the rug I already had from my Savannah house. The inside would be painted white.  This was my inspiration (found via Copy Cat Chic):

So with our inspiration set, paint and supplies purchased, we began the refinishing process.  This was mid week so we only had a short window of time to work after returning home from the day job while there was still daylight.

First task was cleaning the nasties off them, for which there were many (see detail photos above). Followed by sanding, and then painting!  All of these steps will be detailed in more posts to come!