Change of Hardware: From drop pulls to disco balls

A couple weeks ago, we swung by Anthro after work to check out the hardware options.  At this point, I was pretty set on getting drop pulls, however, I had some reservations about the drawer handles.  The option I picked out earlier were nice, but I was afraid they were a little too old lady-ish (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Granny chic, but too much of it and you really lose the chic part and just get dated and meh).

The other main concern was that the separation between the bolts on the current hardware was 5.5″ and the Anthro options were available in 4, 6 and 8″ so no matter what, I was facing some wood filling, repainting and staining.

So off to Anthropologie we went in search of the drop pulls we already settled on and something that would hopefully go nicely with them but not make it too Granny-ish.

I was able to quickly find the drop pulls I wanted. Yay!

But then as I was searching for drawer handles, I stumbled upon these:

I instantly began to question everything.  First off, why was I going with brass hardware? I have a silver leafed dresser and silver toned metal lamps and I was hoping to buy a silver toned metal ceiling fan.  Secondly… wouldn’t it be just so cool to have little disco balls on my armoires? Seriously! SO COOL! Right? Just me? … oh okay. moving on…..

With these little guys in my hand, I remembered that Anthro had some really cool glass drawer pulls that I had initially disregarded because the drop pulls were ceramic, so I wanted to get handles that matched.

The facets and hard lines of the cuts in the glass are so yummy.  I think they are perfect tension for such a roundy lined armoire, no? Not convinced? Check out the fancy pants product shot of my disco ball knobs:

They look perfect together! Right???? Oh so you noticed that the handles are brass and the knobs aren’t and I don’t want brass, right?

No worries!

I ordered the handles and picked up the knobs and then swung by Michaels for the perfect fix for this problem:

Rub’N’Buff is this pretty amazing stuff.  I first learned about it while working on Dear Genevieve and have been a total convert ever since.  I used it in Savannah to transform a pair of matching $10 thrift store mirrors into this:

Nice right? Totally looks like a fancy and expensive Pottery Barn or ZGallerie mirror for about $13.00 for two!

Before getting started on the brass-redo on the handles, I quickly installed the disco ball happiness.

Ahhhhh they are so awesome!

… but as should be expected with this project… the Rub’n’buffing didn’t yeild the results I really wanted. The silver finish looks kind of cheap and I’m not sure how durable it will be; right now, it seems to just scratch right off.

So now I’m trying to figure out what to do.  Should I return the remaining three un-Rubbed and non-Buffed handles and look for something else?  Or do I do something drastic and hard to reverse like spray painting them to look like Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I’m actually really considering doing this.  But before I do, I may cross my fingers and hope its only brass plated so I can achieve something like this drop dead gorgeous lamp transformation by the folks at Style North

Now to find a tin of Blue Magic!