Ceiling Fans: A tale of High and Low

When we moved into our house in Savannah – there was, already installed, a truly amazingly beautiful ceiling fan.  You know it really had to be something special to say that since most ceiling fans are God awful and ugly as anything.

The only problem was that, even though it had a light kit, we couldn’t figure out how to turn on the light. We got the ladder and climbed up to the top of our 11.5′ tall room, replaced the bulb, fiddled with the wires. Nothing. Couldn’t figure it out.

We moved on to other projects and just bought some floor lamps instead.

One day, while browsing my RSS feeds, I stumbled upon this Design*Sponge post about ceiling fan options and discovered our ceiling fan in the round up!

There it was! And it was called the Acero Ceiling Fan! And Google said it was also available at places like Restoration Hardware for lots of money!  What a fancy fan for a rental, eh?

Now that we knew what it was called and who made it, we figured we could look up the manual and fix the lighting situation.  Alas, downloading the manual only told us that it was missing crucial pieces such as either a remote or a fancy wall switch that handled all the controls.  The only wall switch we had was a dimmer which bizarrely enough, controlled the speed of the fan.

We quickly gave up on this ambition after a short search to find the missing pieces proved that this was going to be an expensive project.  The floor lamps were already bought. And this was just a rental.

Moving on.

Shortly there after, my amazingly talented and very good friend Meg Sutton installed a ceiling fan in the living room of her new-to-her-and-her-husband-Josh-and-adorable-puppy-Ellie house in Ardsley Park, Savannah.  Now – to fully understand this story, one must be informed that my friend Meg has a problem in which she somewhat inadvertently copies her good friends’ taste and style. Shes getting better.

So when I walked into her living room one day last summer – and saw the same exact ceiling fan that was in my living room in her living room… well I can’t say I was overly too surprised. (note she also had the same sofa as I did except in grey).

GASP! – except, I then learned it wasn’t exactly the same as my fan; or perhaps, rather, my fan wasn’t exactly what I thought it was! Meg snagged this fan at Home Depot.  On sale! For $99.00. Way.To.GO!!!!! Such a great deal!  A $99.00 Home Depot fan makes a lot more sense in a rental than a $400.something fan from Restoration, eh? We figure ours was the Home Deeps version too.

Well… fast forward to right now. I need a new ceiling fan in my bedroom in the current house.  The one that is currently in there is a sad, ugly, dated, horrible brown faux wood with faux caning thing.  Whats worse, is that you can only run the fan if the lights are on – so we can’t use it at night.  Terrible.  It looks something like this:

I’m sorry you had to see that.

So in a big cyclical borrowing from each other loop, I asked Meg to help me find a link to the fan she got at Home Depot a little over a year ago now as I wanted to get it for our room, asap.  Its getting hot in there (had to do it).

Except… Dun dun dun daaaaaaa… now its $279.00!!! Excuse me but wtf. That is a lot more than $99.00.  Meg is confident that it will go on sale around the 4th of July as that’s when she bought hers.  Even though, I guess I can wait – I’ve been waiting for a while now though! I was hoping it would go on sale for Memorial Day weekend, but no dice.

I’m thinking maybe I should just pull the trigger and buy it.  Its close enough now to the 4th that if it does go on sale, I can probably fight with them to get the credit.  I’ll sleep on it tonight and see if I go through with the purchase tomorrow.

In the mean time – anyone know of another source for knock off Acero fans?