Armoires almost done!

Its been awhile. I know. What can I say.  Its really hard to work full time, go to graduate school, work on house projects and plan a major renovation. But I have news! My armoires are almost done! HOORAH!!!

So last we left off, I was having second thoughts about the brass hardware.  I attempted to Rub n Buff it but the finish wasn’t working out so great.  I was hoping to try some different methods to get the finish I was after.  I was going to attempt find something called Blue Magic, but Bryan recommended that we give the Rub N Buff another try.

While I was out with my brother Pete getting supplies for our fan installation, Bryan pulled out our Dremel and popped on a buffing wheel.  He turned the dull, cheap, unbuffed finished from this:

To this:

Ahhh! Perfect! So then we just had to buff four handles. This took a while.

In the meantime, I removed the old hardware, filled the holes with wood puddy:

After sanding and repainting…

And then drilling new holes and installing the hardware…

I need better photos. They will be coming as I have a very few finishing touches that need to be put into place.

It feels good to be this close to closing out this project!