Another Drawer Update

I know this is getting boring at this point.  But working full time (+ some) and going to graduate school doesn’t leave much time for projects at night. Maybe one day my day job will be to stay at home and do projects all day…. until then, the snails’ pace wins.

The paper from Smock arrived on Saturday while I was in New York City for the day with friends who were in town from LA. I dragged the huge box inside in the wee hours of Sunday morning when we finally arrive back home.  Sunday morning proper, I opened up the big box, which I thought was probably a bit too big for the 10 sheets of paper I had ordered to find this:

I was instantly mad.  (I get mad far too easily).  There were several rolls of paper I definitely did not order. There were some that I did, but not 10. HUMPH!

I took a deep breath and tried to approach this more logically.  I look at the rolls of paper and realized there were two sheets of paper per roll. Okay … and there were 5 rolls of the paper I ordered.  Okayyyyyy ….that makes 10 sheets.

Still! What the heck were all the others about?

More digging revealed a small box that included several packs of thank you cards and gift tags.

At this point, Angry Irish Meg began to realize that the nice people at Smock must have simply sent me some samples of their other paper products.  oops.

(I wanted to make sure that this was the case, so I sent the good people at Smock an email to verify and correct the mistake if they sent me $50+ of free goods by mistake.  I’ll let you know what they say!)

So after a full holiday weekend that not only included a trip to New York, but also a family bbq and a night of fireworks in Red Bank, followed by a Fourth of July at my parents house helping with yard work, I’m back in the Ewing house after a full day at work attempting to line my drawers.

Here’s where I would love to give you some great process shots and project deets followed by a snazzy reveal.  But this isn’t “reality tv”… this is just plain ol’reality.

The short of it, the project didn’t go according to plan.  I want to say it went BADLY, but that is just me being hyperbolic again, and that’s something I’m working on.  So here’s what happened:

  1. I measured the inside of one of the white drawers
  2. I used my omnigrid to cut a piece of paper exactly to size
  3. I trial fitted my paper into the drawer and found I was off slightly enough to make it not fit well at all.
  4. I re-cut the paper as best as I could and now it fit decently
  5. I put matte mod podge on the wood drawer and let it set up a bit
  6. I put the paper down and it immediately started “not going according to plan” (cough badly cough)
  7. bubbles and creases appear everywhere
  8. I screamed for Bryan to come help!!!
  9. He brought me a rubber spatula to smooth out the bubbles we could and smooshed the bad creased bits as best we could
  10. I sulked in utter devastation for 5 minutes
  11. I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes and became determined to save it.
  12. I put a top coat of mod podge on top of the paper and things didn’t look so bad
  13. I put the drawer back in the dresser to dry
  14. I checked on it in a few minutes and more bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. more tears in the corners of my eyes and a super pout
  16. stomped into the office and IM’ed Bryan who was sitting next to me and said:
  18. I googled around a bit for people having similar issues
  19. Figured I should grow up
  20. Went back in, smooshed the bubbles. things looked better
  21. Cut the next piece and went to trial fit

(that’s a Smock logo on the paper I was about to glue to my drawer)

That’s when I gave up for the night.  Too many mistakes.  Too many tears in the corners of my eyes.  I want things to be perfect and they were definitely not going perfectly.

I realized that I should have mod podged the back of the paper in addition to the wood of the drawer.  That may have helped with the bubbling.  Having two people to slowly apply the paper to the drawer would also help.  Not being tired after a long weekend and a day of work would have definitely helped.

So … reality wins.  And I don’t know when I’ll have time to work on this more this week to be totally truthful.  My friend is getting married on Friday and I don’t have a dress that fits (since I’m being so.dramatic. I’ll allow myself to whine about the weight that graduate school has put on my hips and tummy which is making all of my adorable fancy dresses not fit these days) so I’ll be at the mall tomorrow after work.

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan.  Thats okay. It will just have to take longer.