Adding Bathroom Storage

I told you it was tiny.

Well, there you have it, its the big bathroom reveal.  All 42.5″ of it.  Our bathroom is really narrow, but thankfully, at least it is rather long.
Sorry the image quality is terrible on these.  My camera can’t focus on ugly. harhar – no really.  I got a new Canon Mark II 5D for my six year anniversary with my Mister and have yet to invest in a flash or a quality lens for it.  Despite that its the best camera in the world, these limitations and the fact that I am most certainly an amateur in this regard… well, sorry for the image quality!

Back to the bathroom: as you can see – it is tight and there is very limited storage.  I brought in this small wicker shelf to hold extra towels and some things like extra tubes of the toothpaste and toilet paper.  Its very helpful to have these shelves, even if it means the door can’t open all the way.  It still opens enough to get in the bathroom – so we can deal for now.

As a side note, this shelf has been with me for a long time.  My mom gave it to me one Christmas while I was a freshman of sophomore in high school.  It came with me to college.  Then to Brooklyn:
And then to Savannah:

So that was the start of turning this non-functional space into something that we could use on a daily basis until the renovations begin and this bathroom gets entirely redone and expanded!!!

The next issue was dealing with the pile of wet towels that ended up on the bedroom floor each day because the built-in towel racks were completely unusable.  Seriously – at best they could hang one towel each… which is probably they were designed for as that bathroom can likely only realistically work for one person.  The other thing we needed to accomplish was putting in some more storage for things like tissues, qtips, hair accessories, and all the other little bits that you need access to in a bathroom.

All of these solutions needed to be as affordable as possible since they were really only stop gap measures until we could design the new bathroom. Enter Ikea!Bryan grabbed the SÄVERN wall shelf and Grundtal towel rack this weekend at the Paramus Ikea and last night after the day job, we went to work on putting these up in our uber tiny bathroom.

First up: the wall shelves.After measuring out and marking where our holes needed to go to attach the frame to the wall, we were able to quickly drill some pilot holes, pop some mollies in the wall and screw the support pieces to the wall.

We adjusted where the shelves go by loosening the hex screw, sliding the supports to the new desired position and then re-tightening.  As they come, there isn’t much room in between the shelves to store things and this has got to add functionality to this space – not just looks!

Onto the towels!

It was kind of hard to get process shots on this because we were working a) behind the door in about 30″ of floor space, b) our dog mira kept pushing the door open to check on us and c) if bryan was drilling or hammering, I couldn’t manage to get the camera around him to document what he was doing.

The long and short of it is that this was straight forward.  Decide where we want it. Mark the holes. Drill pilot holes. Tap in mollies. Screw towel rack into wall.

We chose this location because even with the door open, the door wouldn’t hit the towel rack because the door can no long open all the way. We were simply thinking ahead when we put those small wicker shelves in, eh? Anywhere else in the bathroom, they would limit the very much limited already walk space.

So there you have it! Now we have some place to store clean and in-use towels, as well as other bathroom essentials like qtips and tissues.

It may not be pretty. Okay, okay. Its definitely not pretty.  But at least now it functions a little more.  And no. I did not buy towels to match the clown colored tiles in that bathroom.  The yellow ones were purchased for Brooklyn and the blue for Savannah.  Its just some kind of bizarre coincidence that they match exactly.  And that they are the colors of our Alma Mater which is 500 yards down the street from this house.

Psst check back later in the week for more storage we added in other rooms throughout the house!