About Dovely

Hi! I’m Meg McGrath.

Bryan Meg Tuscany Sept 2015Dovely is my sometimes-blog where I attempt to document the numerous design projects my husband, the immensely talented Bryan Vaccaro, and I take on while working full time at jobs completely unrelated to this crazy hobby of ours.

We are now home owners in beautiful New Jersey (seriously, I love this place, so if you think Jersey jokes are funny, let me show you the door) where we live with our 9ish year old rescued mutt Mira (you can follow her on Instagram, if that’s your thing). We bought our house as a short sale in May 2014, inheriting no shortage of projects to tackle (see what I did there? funny, right?).

I grew up in 100ish +/- year old houses, helping my parents DIY everything from replacing original wood windows with vinyl, hanging dry wall, sheepishly watching as they attempted to sand their wood floors themselves, hang wall paper and paint, paint, paint! I’m sure it was very stressful to be young parents on limited budget needing to accomplish these projects, but growing up around DIYers made me an early true believer.

As a kid, my idea of a great afternoon was locking my bedroom door and rearranging all my furniture by myself. Or by pretending I knew how to sew, making pillows our of random fabric scraps and trying to sell them out of my driveway. Despite all these early indicators, for some reason, I decided a good life plan would be to study politics at college. Good thing I came to my senses quickly and switched to a BFA in Digital Art so I could design software for a living (all jest aside, I love software! I just spent the past three years of my life managing product for an amazing app called GroupMe (RIP)).

Bryan did not grow up doing any of these types of projects but somehow (see earlier: immense talent) is unbelievably good at almost everything we tackle. He wisely researches everything and now spends most Saturday mornings catching up on YouTube channels of expert tilers and carpenters.

We don’t really know what we’re doing and are probably doing most of this incorrectly. So please, at home viewers, consult your physician before starting this exercise program.