👋🏻Hi! Is this thing on? :taps 🎤:

I know my scores of adoring fans have been waiting with breath abated to hear about our next Dovely update. Apologies. I swear. I have a good excuse.

At the time of last posting, I had let you all know that my beloved team at GroupMe and I had been let go by the powers that be at Skype. I was actively looking for a new job, while making the most of my new found down time to attempt to re-start this blog and knock out some projects at home. Bryan and I also got a terrible, awful cold on top of hosting our neighborhood’s holiday party.

I started a new Product job at a company called Datadog right before the holidays, while still pretty sick. And then within a month, Bryan and I were expecting our first baby.

I was decently ill with morning sickness and started with an epic case of insomnia that lasted the rest of my pregnancy when we decided to use our tax return to gut our upstairs in anticipation of baby.

By late Spring, I also discovered my new job was a pretty poor fit but luckily had the guts to lean in (eye roll emoji) to an opportunity I found on a whim for a Product position at fresh young startup disrupting (eye rollllll) the interior design industry.

I started my new job just shy of 28 weeks pregnant; worked my ass off; delivered our wonderful, amazing, glorious baby girl two days early; had to give up my first (dog) child to my parents because she hates my baby (can’t even type this without crying); struggled for 12 weeks at home (yup negotiated a pretty decent mat leave for myself as part of my benefit package! 💃🏻 (This place was OBVIOUSLY a much better fit than the last one. SO supportive of women 🙌🏻)) with a variety of eating and feeding issues; somewhat finished our massive reno project; had my heart broken by that bull shit election (I know most decor blogs stay away from politics – not this one!); went back to work just before the end of the year to find our team structure all shook up (then it got shook up two or three more times); and all then on top of all that, I somehow had to learn to let my baby go to daycare and how to be at least a fraction of how good at my job as I used to be so they wouldn’t fire me.

Its a cliche. Sorry. I’ve been busy.

But all the while. This deep burning love for interiors has persisted. It’s not going away so I figured I should retry this old thing.

Our house is always messy. Our projects are never finished. I’m not blogging full time and I don’t have time or energy to style my photos. But I love working on my house with my dream boat, DIYing, handyman, husband, making this dump of a short sale house we bought into the best damn home we can provide for our wonderful little family.

Thank you for stopping by to read this! Please feel free to comment on how cute my baby is or how great of a mom I *obviously* am or how pretty you think my latest house project is coming along. My life is insane right now and something like a comment on a blog post would just make my day. ❤️